Database Selling Companies In UAE

Every business strives to achieve maximum benefits for their companies. Since
several years, the traditional marketing techniques are widely been used by the
companies. However, with the increasing use of the internet worldwide, the
online marketing has gained tremendous momentum in recent years. The
versatility involved in the online marketing has given a lot of opportunities for the
businesses to do several different things. The email marketing is one such
marketing technique that has been very advantageous for many of the

The email marketing technique works on a very nice for the brand building. This
technique is very advantageous for the small and medium-sized companies, as it
requires a comparatively low budget. A proper email marketing lists can help you
target a proper customer base. The email marketing techniques have some of the
nice benefits than traditional marketing.


Let us check, some of the benefits of email marketing for the businesses:

– Targeting Audience
Earlier traditional marketing techniques would gain fewer benefits from the
efforts. If you have proper mailing lists, then you can actually target the proper
audience which can be most probably be your future customer. This helps the
companies to reduce the efforts and gain maximum for the minimum efforts.


– Speedy process
Compared to other marketing techniques, the email marketing requires very less
time. You just need to follow few simple steps and your work is easily done. This
has helped the companies considerably in achieving the targets set by them. The
speedy process relieves the companies considerably by giving them more time to
do more constructive work.


– Providing detailed product information
In most of the other marketing techniques, the information shown is
comparatively less. However, in email marketing, you can provide all the product
information in a much detailed way. One can even show tabular format
information regarding the product or services.


– Less Cost
Various other marketing techniques like television commercials, newspaper ads,
billboards, etc. involve a huge cost. However, the cost involved in the email
marketing is comparatively very less.


These are some of the benefits of email marketing techniques. If you are in a
country like UAE, then you have a great opportunity to gain maximum from email
marketing. One first needs to find a list of database selling companies in UAE for
the email marketing. Further, you need to choose the best B2B mailing list service
provider in UAE. A reliable database can help the companies to gain maximum
advantage from the campaign.

How to get mobile numbers for marketing in South Korea

The businesses are been using many of the techniques in marketing for the promotion of their products or services. The mobile marketing has become one of the very productive techniques for many of the businesses. Different surveys have shown that the opening rate of the text messages very high when compared to other means of marketing. The business that would like to get the best from their marketing campaigns, the mobile marketing would be an ideal technique for marketing.


There are different mobile marketing channels, the most used marketing channel is SMS marketing. In SMS marketing campaigns, the messages are sent to the audience regarding the products or services being marketed. The bulk SMS marketing seems to have a little more pulling power compared to the other marketing techniques.

The telemarketing campaign is another form of mobile marketing. In telemarketing, the calls are made to the potential customers in a very systematic way. Here, the telemarketer needs to tell regarding the product or services offered by their business. In some cases, the telemarketers have to pitch regarding their product and make the deal close on the telephone itself.


The WhatsApp marketing is another trend going on in the marketing area. There are many of the Android phone users who are using the WhatsApp exclusively. The WhatsApp marketing has been getting tremendous momentum and getting a nice response from the audience.


When it comes to marketing in the country like South Korea, the terms like mobile marketing would sound fabulously, especially considering the mobileĀ number users in South Korea. This country has many of the mobile users, who simply like using the latest technologies.


For mobile marketing, you primarily need a mobile number database. You will hardly find the mobile number database free download or the mobile number database pdf download. The only way to do mobile marketing is to buy mobile number database, then you next need to sort the mobile number database pin code wise properly. This will give a well-structured database for the mobile marketing.


As a marketer in the country like South Korea, you have a very nice profit margin which urges the businesses to invest more money in the marketing. However, compared to the other marketing techniques, the SMS marketing is definitely much useful. The businesses have a very great potential to grow in the market like South Korea to explore more profit.


WhatsApp Is Set to Launch It Dedicated Business App

WhatsApp is now ready to launch a dedicated business app, which can be used by the businesses. This app will help the businesses to communicate with their customers easily. The features of this business app include adding details like business description, Email address, website, and address. The app also provides a messaging tool for sending the message. The businesses can send the messages and various other greetings to their customers in a very simple way. The app provides a very nice message metrics which have a proper count of the messages that are read, delivered and sent.


In this business app, one can use both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp business on the same device, with separate numbers for both the apps. The WhatsApp business app will be compatible with the desktop and it can be easily used on the computers. This app will act like any other WhatsApp Marketing tool.


How to get started with the business application?

You need to download the WhatsApp business app from play store on Android device. The business phone number needs to be added and verified, through which you will be communicating with the customers. The chats of the WhatsApp can be easily saved and back up is done automatically.


This WhatsApp business app helps to give the quick reply to the customers. The small businesses can easily sort andĀ automate the messages. The automation message can give all the greeting messages to the prospects which can turn it into a potential customer.


Now, this WhatsApp business app is available only on the Play Store of Google which can be used by the Android users only. It is not available on Apple App store, making the iOS users wait for a while. The current WhatsApp users should not expect any personal messaging on this app, as this app is designed particularly for the business owners only. The business owners definitely are thrilled with this app, as it provides nice features from the business point of view and acts like a WhatsApp Marketing software.


The small businesses, as well as the customers, will have an altogether new experience. The features like quick reply and automated messages will make the customers remain more engaged with the businesses. The features of the new product and services can be easily communicated to the customers. The new discount offers can be sent quickly to a large number of audiences, giving it a feature like Bulk WhatsApp sender software. This WhatsApp business app will make a remarkable change in the communication pattern with the customers.


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Set Captions for Your Image, Audio and Video
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Job Vacancy: Urgent Requirement

We have urgent opening for our Company Bajoria Infotech Solution at Direct Payroll
Position: Back Office Executive

Job Location: Kolkata, Chinar Park
Education: – Graduate
Experience: – 6 months to 3 yrs exp
Salary: As per the Industry Standard.
He/She should have good knowledge of excel.
Good Communication skill in Hindi and English.
Job Responsibility:

Conduct marketing research, document and report to the marketing department.
Support sales staff in handling and documenting customer accounts.
Perform competitor product analysis and prepare reports.
Interview Date: 23rd to 28th January 2018.
Time- 10.30 am to 5 pm
Come along with Photocopy copy of all documents, 2 CV and One photograph.

Bajoria Infotech
20, Chinar Park, Bajoria Tower
Kolkata 700157. West Bengal
Contact No.


Six Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing that a Marketer Can't Ignore – Bulk SMS, WhatsApp Marketing and Database

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing In the recent times, WhatsApp marketing has become the latest trend in the field of digital marketing. The main reason behind this is the fact that the majority of the population of the target audience uses a smartphone and WhatsApp for socialising. A huge number of business owners are interested to